The Project

The Marlton Field house became a reality on Sunday, April 12, 2015. For more information visit us at


…we could create more space for our ministry? Our kids? Our youth?

Bottom line: We need more space. If you’ve been a part of Marlton Assembly for any length of time, you know we’ve reached a ceiling for growth for our young people. Our new partnership with Ground Zero Master’s Commission has also intensified our need, not to mention our serious lack of parking space.



…we could reach people in a new way?

The “What If…” project will allow us to build a new Family Life Center, which will offer:

  • Additional Parking
  • 150-seat Youth Sanctuary
  • Offices and multi-purpose rooms for Ground Zero Master’s Commissionand Realife Youth
  • Gymnasium and Indoor Soccer Field for community outreach



…we could impact our community for Christ?

Our mission at Marlton Assembly is to develop fully-devoted followers of Christ and we believe this project will allow us more opportunities to do just that. With our new Field House, we can meet a current need for space and also provide countless opportunities for outreach.



…God wants to stretch our faith?

This is more than just a building. It’s about souls being saved, lives being changed and people experiencing Jesus Christ. It’s about our church stepping out in unity to see our community changed for His glory. Dream with us, pray with us. Let’s see what God can do through Marlton Assembly when we step out in faith.


Will my contribution be made public?

No, only the total of all commitments received will be announced.


How big is it & how much does it cost?

The building will be 49,000 square feet and will be located on the northeast corner of our property. We are estimating that it will cost $5.3 million.


When would we begin & end?

Groundbreaking is scheduled for August 2013, with an estimated completion date of Summer 2014.


What happens if we don’t raise enough money?

God has given us a vision and we are committed to building in faith and trusting in Him and His Word. The building phase of our growth will be a reality. With your commitment and support, we know that the necessary funding will be there to complete this project as well as to continue funding all of our current and upcoming ministries. We understand the difference between what we have to do and what we would like to do. We have to proceed in faith to the completion of this building. We would like to see it completed without it affecting the great works our church is already doing.


What is the purpose of the “What If..” project?

To create more space for current ministry and future community outreach.





24 Months to Give

June–June 2015

Ways to Give

Cash Gift

(Cash, Check, Automated checking withdrawal, Credit Card)

Ask God for creative ways to increase your gift.



You could liquidate assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, coins, gold, cars, motorcycles, boats, etc. and donate the proceeds as a cash gift.

Please contact our Finance Office, 856-596-1011, for more information.


24-month Commitment

You can give far more when it’s spread out over time. The Bible teaches that your faith and spiritual maturity develops through the habit of consistent givin